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Landi is an Image & Style Consultant, absolutely passionate about seeing Women’s natural beauty shining through. She started her career in the Legal world and has moved through the ranks working with Attorneys and Real Estate agents, but Landi’s heart has always been in beauty.

Having had to work through childhood issues that negatively impacted on her own self-esteem, she found that woman all have seeds in them just waiting to blossom into the beautiful beings they were made to be.

Everyday, we paint our masks on to survive, but we don’t really know what it takes to unlock our natural, God given beauty. With her qualifications in Nail technology, Salon Management, Sport Health and Fitness Science, Advanced Planning with SA School of Weddings and Image & Style Consulting, it is clear where Landi’s heart lies. How we look on the outside makes a huge impact on how we feel on the inside.

Her main goal is to reach people to make fishers of men, as instructed by Our Heavenly Father, and to “let His Kingdom come”, feeling like she is bringing Kingdom to earth when she helps ladies shake off their poor self images and shine beautifully as they were intended to do.

Consultations with Landi are extremely comfortable, because being a woman she knows what we struggle with. Our physical insecurities melt away when we realize her skill and desire to see our natural gorgeous selves come through is sincere and authentic. Landi certainly is the right person to journey with you in Awakening your real beauty.


Are you tired to pretend being someone you are not? Are you tired to hide behind the shades of shame, quilt, condemnation, emotional pain, trauma, self rejection or perfectionism.

Awaken beauty is a seed within ourselves that needs to be born. Sometimes that seed gets sore during our growing up years and we do not know how to get that seed to start to bloom into a beautiful tree that carry the most amazing fruit. So many woman and men are struggling to see the beauty from within and to KNOW how to live that beauty from the inside out. So many live with masks on their faces just to survive. Others blatantly live behind a wall of pain. Living in a jail and don’t know how to free themselves.

Awaken Beauty gives opportunity for a new birth that gives potential. It gives hope for tomorrow for the eternal and present. The way you look on the outside, has a definite bearing on how you feel and see yourself on the inside. The most beautiful part of you, is the REAL you. God created the REAL you, NOT the YOU that needs to fit in with the world.