20/80 Principle

Is this feeling is a familiar one?

You open up your closet and with hands on your hips declare, "I have nothing to wear."

What a joke. It seems like your arms are constantly heavy with shopping bags, that all your hangers are taken with dresses and clothes, all your shelves heavy with items, yet you can't seem to piece together an outfit.

Guess what?  The fault isn't with your clothes. It's with you

In a fairly ordinary wardrobe, we can divide 100% into the good old 80/20 rule.

There are only two categories in your wardrobe.

Wearing/not wearing. That’s it.

1.Clothes you wear – that is the 20%

2.Clothes you do not wear – that is the 80%

As you know 80% is 4 times more than 20%. Obviously, it can be a bit difficult to find the golden 20% amongst the 100%! It might be because you just have too much in relation to your usage.

Nice, useful, modern clothing, but too much of it.

The 20% clothing you wear

Clothing you wear, like really wear, can be divided into 2 categories:

– Clothing you wear all the time—depending on the season
– Clothing you rarely wear—special occasions

We have our favourite clothing. Clothing that we wear all the time—almost regardless of the season. Clothing you rarely use might be nice for parties, or for occasions.   It is still clothing you use, but rarely. Of course, it should not stop you from being critical once it is pulled out of the wardrobe.

The 80% is clothing you do not wear.

In this section, there are two categories as well:

1. Clothing that is useful
2. Clothing that is not useful

That’s it.

For example, you have spent too much money on a piece of clothing that turned out not to be your best friend? Well, the damage is done and you will not become richer, nor more beautiful by saving the magnificent piece forever.

A few convincing excuses to buy that 80%

•I might still fit in it after I loose a few kilograms.

•Or clothing you wore 10 years ago, and all of the sudden appear on your facebook memory – WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

•Clothing on a sale.  People.  You do NOT score on black Friday.  If you did not spend a cent, than you scored.

•Clothing where you tell yourself that you can always take it back.

Yes, you have 20 pairs of high heels, but not in THAT colour!

•I haven’t bought anything new in AAAAAAGES!

•Pay day!!! – I am basically as rich as Bill Gates.

•It doesn’t quite fit but it’s soooo cheap.

•If I pay for it on my credit card or on my account, It don't really count.