What about colours?

We take so many things in our world for granted. Take colour for instance, have you ever stopped to consider the impact it has on your world and in your life?

Far beyond making what you wear appear more interesting colour can:

  • make us appear younger or older,
  • larger or smaller,
  • healthy or ill,
  • smarter or dull-witted
  • it can sway the thinking of others,
  • change moods
  • cause actions and reactions.

That’s pretty amazing when you stop to consider it and a natural tool we can harness to look better and get more out of our social connections.

In today’s feature, I’m going to cover some of the most impactful elements of colour in relation to the clothes we wear and the makeup we apply.

First off, there are a few important things to know when understanding the relationship between you and your best colours.

  1. The more qualities a colour has that match the qualities of your skin, the more flattering the colour will be.
  2. The colours you wear above your waist mater most when it comes to making your skin, hair and eyes look best. Colours worn below the waist need only be considered has to how they will alter the perception of size.
  3. You can wear almost any colour if you know how to bend the rules in your favour.

The wrong colour also accentuates the very imperfections you are trying to hide?

Wearing the right colours makes you appear SLIMMER and years YOUNGER. 

Flaws are minimized and your skin tone appears VIBRANT and HEALTHY. 

Clothes make the person, whether in the boardroom or restaurant - your image


Style and your visual appearance portray a statement of confidence, personality, and your lifestyle.